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Naughty Travel Packing List

When you have set your mind on a naughty lifestyle vacation, whether it’s a sexy cruise or swanky resort, it's best to go jet-setting as a lifestyle travel pro!

Traveling in the lifestyle is a bit of a skill. Especially with all the luggage weight restrictions for how much (read how little) you can bring. When you have set your mind on a naughty lifestyle vacation, whether it’s a sexy cruise or swanky resort, it's best to go jet-setting as a lifestyle travel pro! When getting ready for sun, fun, good food plus a super sexy time, you can pretty much forget the regular packing list; okay not quite, but lifestyle vacations do have a particular list of things to bring!

Must-Bring Essentials

  • Sex Toys
    Nothing like bringing some power tools when it comes to your sexy vacation. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll want to bring some of your toys! If you wish to keep your sexy business on the DL, it's best to shop for the smaller yet powerful toys that fit comfortably into your luggage.

    Erotic toys that are not very recognizable won’t raise any eyebrows as it finds its merry way through the x-ray machines; rubber duck or lipstick vibrators are completely innocent to the untrained eye. It goes without saying that USB rechargeable ones are one less worry about batteries. Love eggs are a great option to start your vacation in a fun way when you tend to get a little bored on your flight like most of us. It'll be hard to keep a straight face, though!

    • Butt-Plug Lovers
      Since body cavities are a go-to method for smuggling contraband, it’s good to know that if you use a metal butt plug or one with a vibrator, these most likely show when you go through the security checkpoint at airports and cruise ships. If you like a possible cavity search, this is the way to go; if not, it’s probably best to just go ‘unplugged,’ so to speak.

  • Sinful Shoes & Hot Outfits
    This is your chance to wear all those sexy outfits and get dolled up the way you really can’t anywhere else! Now, you can certainly bring all those fabulous stilettos! Tip: clear ones pretty much go with any sexy outfit and might keep that luggage weight in check. Absolutely pack all the exquisite lingerie you own. Don’t forget scarves, as they are easier to travel with than handcuffs. A black outfit is always awesome as are those super glam costume jewelry sets.

    Note: When going on a cruise: do bring a bikini/swimsuit, plus a cute cover-up, as the captain may require a proper cover-up out on the deck in some ports

  • Sexy Music & Party Lights
    Nowadays, most rooms have a docking station, so a nice mix of sexy music for instant ambiance is a good idea. Battery-powered party lights are also fun, whether you like to entertain or just keep it to yourselves. Bluetooth speakers are great, too! Don’t forget the charging cable.

  • Liquids
    You may wish to bring your preferred brand of lube and massage oils. Think about bringing small sachets, as they are a bit more elegant than lugging big bottles around.

  • Condoms & Dental Dams
    Your personal health is, of course, very important. So, bring plenty of the brand of condoms you prefer and are size-happy. Don’t count on an organizer to provide a premium brand or any at all; the safest way is to take those that you know you like. The flavored ones have less of a rubbery taste than regular ones when you love giving or receiving blowjobs. Make sure to bring plenty as well, as you’ll want to exchange them while swapping and they may not always be readily available for purchase. Dental dams are easily portable and keep oral on the safer-sex side.

  • Sponge Tampons or Menstrual Cup
    Successfully used by millions of women all over the world, these are total bliss when your ‘girlfriend’ drops by unexpectedly! No string, so discreet and invisible and so you can still be naked and play at will. Freedom! Not readily sold in every country; check Amazon!

  • Hair Dryer/Curling iron/Straightener
    Most self-venues have a dryer in the room, but they usually lack power. A hair straightener and/or curler is a must-have if you want to keep your hair in check.

  • Portable Power Strip
    Having an extension cord with extra plug-ins can be a total lifesaver, when you have to charge multiple phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, etc. including, of course, your erotic toys.

  • Magnetic Hooks
    Especially when going on a cruise, since the walls and doors are magnetic; these are great to hang up anything wet or, even better, decorate your cabin door.

  • Rehydration Powder
    If you’re prone to a hangover after a night of drinking, dancing and, of course, hot and steamy sex, having some rehydration at the ready will make your stay far less painful so that you can keep having fun! Look for the single-serve pouches and bring one or two for each day.

What NOT to Bring

Logically, there are a few things you shouldn’t bring at all — especially when going on a cruise — so make sure you check off the following:

  • Anything Illegal
    There is always a zero drugs and substances policy and will get you kicked out of an event or, even worse, arrested.

  • Anything with an Open Flame or Hot Plate
    Anything with an open flame like candles, incense (lighters are okay but only to be used in dedicated smoking sections).

  • Any Sharp Objects
    Big scissors, razor blades, weapons (duh) or anything remotely looking like it.

  • Bottles of Alcohol
    It may seem cost-savvy but logically, out of respect for the venue, this is usually prohibited. Save yourself the embarrassment of being caught.

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