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SDC Business Tools

How can your brand benefit the most from your Business Profile on SDC.com? Get answers to your questions right here!

With your Business Profile on SDC.com, you’ll have access to many opportunities to grow your brand within our international community of 3+ million members — and beyond.

Check out the features we offer to businesses, plus our top expert tips for making the most of your SDC Business Profile.

SDC Business Tools

How can your brand benefit the most from your Business Profile on SDC.com? Get answers to your questions right here!

With your Business Profile on SDC.com, you’ll have access to many opportunities to grow your brand within our international community of 3+ million members — and beyond.

Check out the features we offer to businesses, plus our top expert tips for making the most of your SDC Business Profile.

Interact with SDC Members
Member engagement is key to letting people get to know and trust your brand. Check out our Online page, Popularity Wall, or Advanced Search features to find and connect with SDC members. Invite them to follow your SDC profile, join your group, attend your upcoming event, and more. This personal touch can make it more likely for them to make a purchase from you and recommend you to their friends.
Discover SDC Members
Promote your Brand
Reach millions of SDC members around the world! With our customized Advertising campaigns, you can target your ideal client base by location, gender, profile, age, and more options. Our Partner Program team will help you build your campaign with the marketing opportunities that would be best suited for your unique business goals.
Get your custom advertising proposal
Create a Group
Connect with members who are interested in your brand. Once they’re in your group, you can post blogs, share your events, and send direct messages to your members about your products and services. To grow your group, you can invite people to join and / or create an advertising campaign on SDC to spread the word about your new community.
Create a group
Post a Party or Event
Expand your reach locally or globally by sharing events and parties you’re organizing. When you create a private or public event on SDC, it will appear in our Parties & Events Calendar and be visible to people who want to join in the fun. You can invite members to your event, manage your guest lists, send messages to your group, and more. To boost your ticket sales, consider running a concurrent Ad campaign.
Post a party or event
Add Member Benefits to Your Business Profile
Get featured on our Member Benefits pages when you offer exclusive discounts to SDC members. You’ll gain extra visibility on SDC with your special deal on your products or services that will entice members to discover your brand and make a purchase.
Add an exclusive deal
Become an SDC Affiliate
Earn 50% of the lifetime value of all paying members you refer to SDC.com! When a new member joins with your unique affiliate code, you’ll be notified, and you can send a message to welcome them to SDC. Since they’re joining because of you, reaching out to them will personalize their experience and make them more likely to become a loyal SDC member.
Become an Affiliate
Do a Live Stream
Go LIVE on SDC to boost your visibility. Share a product demo, do a virtual tour of your club or venue, or do a Q&A about your brand — the sky’s the limit! You can create an event on SDC for your live stream and share it with your group members to expand your reach and encourage new people to follow your business and engage with you.
Create a live event on SDC
Become an SDC Media Contributor
Build brand awareness and lend your expert knowledge by submitting your engaging content to SDC.com. Become an SDC Contributor and share articles, videos, and podcasts on our Media site, which has 3+ million monthly visitors! You’ll enjoy advantages like having your banner and website link on each page where your content appears, plus the chance to be a Featured Expert in our monthly newsletter, free shoutouts on social media, and more.
Become an SDC Contributor
Network with Other Businesses
Connect with similar and complementary lifestyle brands. Discover our extensive database of lifestyle-friendly clubs and businesses, and connect with decision-makers to expand your professional network.
Search all businesses on SDC

Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Business Profile FAQ
Why are you requesting that I add “vanilla photos and videos” to my profile?

Vanilla (non-adult) photos and videos about your brand are essential to your business profile. Keep in mind that photos and videos which include nudity will not be visible on the SDC App, nor on your business page on our SDC.com Media site. Add vanilla photos in your Settings.

Where will my business be shown?

Your business profile will be visible in our SDC.com members-only area, on the SDC App, as well as on our SDC.com Media site. If you prefer to only have your business visible on our dating site, contact member PARTY or member SDCBNB for BNB listings.

What is the difference between the SDC.com Media site and SDC’s “members-only” dating site?

The SDC Media site is what you see when you are not logged into SDC and you arrive on SDC.com. The Media site is visible to members as well as visitors on SDC.com, and includes a variety of expert resources about relationships, sexuality, and the open lifestyle. SDC’s “members-only” site is what you see when you are logged into SDC and can connect and interact with other members, modify your profile settings, etc.

What should I write in my bio / profile description about my business?

Your future customers want to get to know you before they feel comfortable making a purchase from you.

In your profile’s short description, make sure to include who you are as a business and what types of products / services you offer. If you’ve been featured in the media or won any awards, mention that. You could also include what your mission as a business is, how long you’ve been in business, and your brand’s values.

*Bonus*: If you can express how your brand can help someone solve a problem they have (for instance, you have an herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction), it will help potential viewers connect your brand with the solution you’re offering.

What’s my potential reach on SDC.com? What kind of members can I connect with?
  • 3+ million members around the world
  • 80% mobile users
  • Average member age: 35–55
  • High income
  • Highly educated
  • Frequent travelers
  • 5 million+ sessions / month on SDC.com
  • 7 languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese
How do I reach out to members and build a client base on SDC?
  • Check out the Viewed Me page to see who checked out your SDC profile. If you think someone’s a good match for enjoying your brand, send them a personal message to connect with them.
  • View our Popularity Wall to meet SDC members who are very active on the site. They’re more likely than most members to check their messages and explore the site regularly.
  • Join Groups on SDC to meet and connect with members who may be interested in products and services like yours to find out what interests them. Start your own group and create your personal database on SDC.
  • Log into SDC regularly to check your messages, connect with new members, and see what’s popular among your friends, followers, and clients. You can enable your email and / or push notification settings so that you’re aware when people are trying to connect with you on SDC.
  • Share your SDC business profile with your clients. That’s an opportunity for them to join SDC for free using your affiliate code! Then you can earn 50% of the lifetime value of their paid memberships once they convert to paid members. Learn more about our affiliate program below.
How can I boost my business profile visibility on SDC?
  • Build awareness about your brand with cleverly placed ads in our SDC Feed, SDC newsletter, on popular pages like the Online page, with Sponsored Posts on our SDC Media site, and in many other places on SDC.com. Request your Custom Advertising Proposal here.
  • When you give exclusive deals to our members, your business and offer will appear on the Member Benefits page.
  • Go Live on SDC. Showcase your club, store, products, etc., by going Live on SDC at a time you think your ideal customers will be available to log in. You can also plan this out by creating an event for your live stream and sharing it in your group or promoting it.
  • Stay active on SDC. When you post in a group or join / create an event, members will be notified in their SDC Feed, which is the default page that people see when they log in.
  • SDC BNB: If you have a lodging or short-term rental you’d like to add to promote, create your SDC BNB listing here.
How can I keep my profile looking fresh?
  • Log into your SDC account regularly to update your profile photos and videos in your Settings, as well as change your main profile photo.
  • Make sure that most of your photos and videos are “vanilla,” which means no nudity or adult content. Media with adult content will not be displayed on the SDC App, nor on the SDC.com media site.
  • When you create your own group on SDC and join other groups or create events on SDC, these will be visible on your business profile.
Can I add my short-term rental as a business on SDC?

Yes you can! Create a new business profile under the BNB category and add all the details about your listing, photos and/or videos to showcase your property. Check out all BNB FAQ here.

Can I add my brick-and-mortar store as a business on SDC?

Absolutely! You can reveal the physical address of your business so that potential customers can locate you when they’re searching for stores in their area

Plus, with our Advertising program, you can target members who live nearby to drive foot traffic to your store. Please note that businesses under the BNB category will not show your physical address or personal information by default, for security and privacy reasons.

What kinds of photos or videos are we permitted to upload?

All current guidelines regarding your photo and video uploads will be provided in those sections in your Settings.

Can members review my business page on SDC?

Yes, members can write a review on your SDC business profile about your business and / or an event you hosted that they attended. Customer reviews on SDC will appear on your business page and provide testimonials for potential new clients. Reviews are important in helping people decide if they can trust your business, so be sure to remind your satisfied customers / guests to share their experience with your brand and leave you a review.

Advertising & Promotion FAQ
Where can I advertise my lifestyle business / swingers club / resort / B&B?

On SDC, you have the option of advertising your brand in many areas of our members-only site (visible only to members when they are logged into SDC), on our SDC.com media site (visible to members and visitors), and on our SDC social media platforms. 

Our Advertising experts can help you customize your campaigns on SDC to best achieve your advertising goals.

Do you accept sponsored guest posts / articles on SDC?

Yes, we offer the option for a paid Sponsored Post as part of our custom advertising packages. Get your custom proposal here!

Can I add my articles, podcasts, and/or videos to the SDC.com media site?

If you’re interested in contributing educational and entertaining content to members and visitors to SDC.com, you can apply to become an SDC contributor.

Can I promote my business in more than one language?

Yes! Our in-house translation team can provide translations of your marketing content in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

If your website is in multiple languages, and / or you ship to a variety of countries, then creating a multi-language campaign will give you a more robust reach.

Our members love to travel, so for SDC BNB listings, promoting your business in multiple languages is highly recommended.

How much does it cost to Advertise on SDC?

With our bespoke Advertising packages, we can help you build a strategic campaign that works for your budget and advances you toward your goal of building your brand. 

You can also set a daily budget, customize the days and times you prefer your ads to appear, do A/B testing with different graphics and placement options, and stop or pause your campaigns at any time.

Can I target my Advertising campaigns to a specific area, age, gender, etc.?

Yes, we offer all of those options and more to help you target your ideal customers while making the most of your budget.

Where can I see statistics about how my SDC Advertising campaigns are performing?

You can view and adjust the details about your campaigns, add more funds to your Advertising account, and more in your Advertising Dashboard

Watch this helpful video about your SDC Partner Dashboard.

Affiliate FAQ
Why should I become an affiliate?

You can earn 50% commission on the lifetime value of each paying member you refer to SDC.com! Our members are loyal and enjoy long-term commitments with us, so every time they renew or upgrade their membership, you get paid 50%! Plus, our automated payout system makes it easy for you to get paid wherever you are in the world.

Not an affiliate yet? Become an SDC Affiliate here.

Can I get custom SDC affiliate cards to give out to my friends and clients?

Yes! You can personalize your cards in our SDC Shop to include your affiliate code, a photo / logo of your choice, with added options of including your name, contact details, and a message of your choice.

As an SDC Affiliate, how can I promote SDC?

When you meet open-minded singles and couples, like at social and swinger events and trade shows, you’ll have extra opportunities to put your personal touch on inviting them to join you and the community you’ve built on SDC.

We make it easy for you to share your affiliate code on your website, blog, mailing list, and / or social media! In your Affiliate account, you’ll have access to a variety of SDC banner sizes and embed codes for each. When someone clicks one of your banners and then signs up on SDC, your affiliate code will be associated with that new member’s account.

Where can I view my Affiliate revenue and the members who joined with my promo code?

You will be able to see each member who used your affiliate code to sign up for SDC.

In the SDC Feed, you can view your most recent signups under the SDC Notifications tab.

In your Settings, you can also access your Partner Program tools from the menu to view your affiliate account balance for payouts, request a payout, view all the members who joined with your affiliate code, and download banners and code to embed SDC banners on your website.

How can I maximize my Affiliate revenue?

New members who join SDC with your affiliate code will have a much higher likelihood of converting to a paid membership when they interact with you within the first days of creating their trial account.

Feel free to reach out to these new members as they join, and send them a message to welcome them to SDC. You can also encourage them to follow your business page, join your group, and attend your upcoming events!

Still have a question about your business profile on SDC.com?
BNB hosts, please check the BNB FAQ page.
To access this feature, please log in or create your free SDC account.