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What's the difference between hotwifing and wife swapping? Find out how to be a hotwife, how to find a hotwife, what hotwifing is really about, why hotwifing is common in the swinger lifestyle, how hotwifing and cuckolding kinks differ from each other, and more.
pink roses behind a pair of hands wearing red nail polish holding a transparent bottle of lubricant
It’s Time to Talk About Lube Shaming
Using lube is normal — and it shouldn't be shameful. Here's why.

red rose petals scattered over black satin sheets
Brooklyn Xrated Curated Fantasies at Grey House Society
If you and/or your partner(s) have sexual, kink, or cosplay fantasies and are wondering where to get them fulfilled... look no further.

passionate romantic couple with red roses
Her Guilty Confessions: An Interview with René Moon
Lexi talks all things fantasy with René Moon in this exclusive interview.

Black couple in love pressing foreheads together with her hands on his shoulders
African-American Marriage, Ethical Non-Monogamy, & Modern Love
Taylor Sparks and Eve dive into the rich history of African-American marriage and the enduring legacy of love. Join us on the journey that explores historical roots, ethical non-monogamy, and the evolving landscape of modern love and its many shades.

black couple in formal clothing with woman protectively holding a rose to his back
Real-Life Swinger Stories: Swinging with Resilience
In this episode, Dan and Lacy take you along as they dive headfirst into the world of non-monogamy and swinging.

an attractive Black man wearing all black and a hat dancing over a smoky red background
Be the Better Bull
The how, the what, and the who of recreational sex with a Hotwife

a photo of an open book with pages folded in to form a heart over purple background lights
My Journey Into Ethical Non-Monogamy
How Taylor transitioned into ethical non-monogamy, why she wrote the book An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy, and the launch of THE SERIES

book cover of An African-American Guide To Ethical Non-Monogamy by Taylor K Sparks
New Book! An African-American Guide to Ethical Non-Monogamy
Renowned erotic educator Taylor K. Sparks releases new book that helps African-Americans understand alternative love styles

A photo of a happy partially dressed hetero couple getting ready for a date
Beginner Tips for Hotwifing Newbies
Here are some brief words of wisdom for hotwifing newbies

Swinger couple having fun in bed
4 More Reasons to Play
Why swinging works for couples, part two!

Gold podcast condenser microphone
Hotwife Couple Talks About Their New Video Podcast
Here's one couple's experience of what it's like to start your own video podcast about their Swinging Lifestyle journey.

Intimate couple engaging in great sex
8 Qualities of Great Sex
What is great sex? Are you having great sex? Learn the 8 Qualities of Great Sex here!

Two smiling successful businesswomen and SDC Partners working together on a laptop
How to Maximize the Simple Yet Powerful SDC Partner Dashboard
Curious about how SDC works to reach your preferred audience? Here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the tools available to our Partners.

Panel of businesswomen enjoying their SDC Affiliate Program commissions
SDC Affiliates Work Smarter, Not Harder by Earning Commission
SDC's Affiliate Program provides businesses the opportunity to earn generous and recurring commission. Here's how.

Smiling successful business owner and SDC Partner in a red blazer
Want to Make Money & Grow Your Business? Become an SDC Partner!
Learn how SDC Partners have the opportunity to reach open-minded, highly-targeted people around the world.

Woman in formal dress at the ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards Show
World’s Largest Open Dating Site Becomes Title Sponsor for Awards Show
ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards has named SDC.com as their new title sponsor for this year’s annual awards show.

Unprepared couple with a third partner open lifestyle swingers
This Type of Sex is Not for Everyone!
Board Certified Relationship, Intimacy and Sex Education Coach Fox, shares his long history in open relationships and how the lifestyle is not for everyone.

Cuckold swinger couple with bull play partner threesome
How to Talk to Your Wife About Your Cuckolding Fantasies
Venus Cuckoldress shares her tips on how cuckolding hopefuls can better navigate conversations about making their fantasy a reality.

Condoms in silver wrappers on blue background
Must-Know Facts About STIs
Sexy folk can get sexually transmitted infections. So, singles and couples, you'll want to learn how to maintain a healthy sex life!

Jealousy during swinger threesome MFF play
Jealousy, What a Bitch!
Stephanie shares her advice on how to communicate when feelings of jealousy come up during swinger play.

Miami Swings Marco and Angel Ranee
Another Threesome Experience
Watch Marco and Ranee share all the dirty details about their amazing new threesome partner.

SDC The Swing Nation Podcast
Intro to The Swing Nation Podcast
Dan and Lacy share how they were introduced into swinging, and why they created a podcast by swingers, for swingers.

SDC Kinkmas 2023
12 Days of Kinkmas Calendar
Swingers love gifts as much as anyone, so we created the sexiest countdown to Christmas — a Kinkmas calendar!