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A photo of a man looking perplexed and defeated as a woman gestures before him in confusion
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Explaining Non-Monogamy to Monogamous People
Not everyone can wrap their heads around the concept of non-monogamy, but we can certainly try to help explain it!

SDC Erika Jordan Virtual Sexpert Advice Online Dating Dick Pics
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Men's Guide to Sending the Best Nudes
You did it! You found someone who ASKS for a pic of your package. Make the best first impression with these sexpert tips!

sensual Black couple in a dimly lit bedroom
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BlkTouch's Brian Dwayne on Black Erotica
Showcasing the beauty and sensuality of Black people in both an exotic and erotic medium, both in still and movement on film, is greatly accomplished by Brian Dwayne, founder of BlkTouch.

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Openlove 101: Swingers Lifestyle and the Subject of Consent
The subject of consent has been on everyone's minds lately. John and Jackie Melfi delve deep into the subject of consent in the lifestyle in this Openlove 101 video.

SDC SexBecause Charlie Arienne Swingers Open Lifestyle Advice Separate Room Play
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Q&A: What to Do if I Want Separate Room Play But He Doesn't?
If you want to see what full-swap swinging is like at the separate-room level but your partner is not interested, you'll need to have discussions with them about it. Here's how.

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What is Body Positivity?
What does body positivity really mean in our ever-changing sex-positive world? Check out with Dr. Liz Powell thinks about the whole thing?

SDC Dr Cari Oneal Sexologist Sex Coaching Ex Mormons
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Why Ex-Mormons Seek Out Sex Coaching
Sex and Substance are the first things Ex-Mormons experiment with after leaving the Church — and they do so with existential panic and flare.