dea-que-hoffman-pax-christiPax Christi Chair: Dea Que-Hoffman



Evenlyn Lompa is awarded the 2017 Pax Christi Award at the 67th Annual Convention.

2017 pax christi winner
Evenlyn Lompa and Bishop Powers


2017 Pax Christi Finalists

2017 pax christi finalists
Diane Mulheron, Mary Shafer, Evelyn Lompa, Delores Sova, Jane Walkey pictured with Bishop Powers and Fr. Gerard Wilger.

Pax Christi Guidelines (Revisions Sept 2016)2016 – 2017 Pax Christi Dates



In 1950, the late Albert Cardinal Meyer, Bishop of Superior initiated the “Mother of the Year” award. It was to recognize a woman’s outstanding dedication given to this intention. It did, however exclude many worthy women who had no children.

In 1960, Bishop Hammes updated the award to the “Pax Christi Medal” which bears the legend Pax Christi, appearing on his coat of arms. It means Peace of Christ. This award had the wholehearted endorsement of Bishop Fliss.  Bishop Peter F. Christensen continued presenting the award while he was Bishop of Superior.

This award recognizes the devout, hard-working Christian women within our parishes. It is a way to honor these deserving women who live their faith as an example for us all.

Nominees may be either lay or religious, single or married women. Each parish nominates one woman for the award annually. In order to recognize more of the many deserving women of our Diocese, a parish is advised to choose a different nominee each year.

The Pax Christi Committee chooses five finalists. The finalists’ dossiers are sent to the Bishop, who selects the winner. The winner is announced at the annual Superior Diocese Council of Catholic Women (SDCCW) Convention.


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