NCCW President’s Message


My Dear Sisters in Christ,


We have two exciting reasons to celebrate this March 4th!  Not only do we have 97 years of spirituality, leadership, service and sisterhood but all your corporal and spiritual works of mercy add up to: 


When Jane Carter, NCCW Supporting Member and Head Cheerleader, approached us with this idea to C-O-U-N-T mercies during the Jubilee Year of Mercy called by Pope Francis, my only question was – are you going to count them?  THANK YOU, Jane and my sisters in Council, for keeping foremost in our service the needs of God’s people. A certificate with this number will be created by Jane for presentation to Pope Francis. 

In celebration of reaching this Two Million Mercies Milestone, I ask the affiliates  to consider donating $97.00 as your joyful expression of appreciation for the good work of NCCW. This would be a wonderful blessing to us!

The high school and college age prospective affiliates are beginning to join NCCW. We are finalizing the brochures for these to be used for contacts. This is new to all of us so we encourage you to check with the office before reaching out to any of these groups. We have an outline for action and some suggested activities. Molloy College, Long Island, NY was the first Catholic college to approach NCCW. Maribeth Stewart, President Elect, visited them and other Catholic colleges and high schools. The Archdiocese of Detroit CCW met with administration at St. Catherine of Siena All Girls Academy in Wixom, MI. They have sent in a check to be the first paid high school affiliate of NCCW. Welcome to our new members!

As we prepare for Lent, we decide how we want to mark this season – giving up something or doing more of something. I recently read an article that may resonate with some of you. This woman decided she was going to give up reading Facebook for Lent. When she calculated all the hours she spent reading and sending posts, she decided it would be better to spend the time doing something that would make a difference in the life of another person like taking food to the food bank, praying the rosary for those who have no one to pray for them, volunteering at a homeless shelter or crisis pregnancy center. 

Coinciding with 40 Days of Lent is the 40 Days for Life Campaign. All over the country, people are engaging in their mission of prayer, fasting and peaceful activism to turn hearts and minds from the culture of death to the culture of life. You can google 40 Days for Life to find a group near you.

May our Lenten season prepare us for the joy of Easter Sunday. Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us. 

By Sheila S. Hopkins, NCCW President

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