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Good Leaders are do-ers –

Great Leaders lead others to be do-ers-

Exceptional Leaders lead others to be Leaders.

Jesus was a Leader but not without asking others, specifically his disciples, to follow him.

As CCW members we must do the same.  Ask others to follow us – to meetings, to CCW Events, to a better understanding of CCW.  Let our CCW light shine bright for all to see, so that in seeing, more and more women of Faith will be called to serve.

You never know when your voice to someone is that of the Holy Spirit, drawing her into a closer relationship and setting her on a new path in her Faith journey.  Stop for a minute.  Can you think of a time when an unsuspecting person encouraged you to take the right steps?  We often talk about Random Acts of Kindness what about Random Acts of Interest?

God sends us many messengers in all shapes an sizes and all walks of life.  We need to be one of His messengers and Lead others to what we know is good.  One small step of making someone feel welcome to something new is a great leap, moving toward comfort and acceptance that keeps growing.

Council Beatitudes of Leadership

by:  Jane Carter, NCCW Leadership Chair

Blessed are Council Leaders who start and end as scheduled, as their members will know their time is valued and important.

Blessed are Council Members who volunteer when asked to serve for their leaders will feel supported and empowered.

Blessed are Council Leaders who prioritize training and personal growth and development for their members will be confident and feel able to accept more responsibilities.

Blessed are Council Members willing to try something new, for their leaders will be able to move forward and fulfil their vision.

Blessed are Council Leaders who plan, set goals, and evaluate, for their members will feel their time and effort has produced results.

Blessed are Council Members who work together to complete projects, for all will experience success and a sense of community.

Blessed are Council Leaders who thank everyone, every time for everythingk for their members will feel appreciated and essential.

Blessed are Council Members who step up and take on the responsibilities of leadership, for their leaders will know they have done their job well.

An Introduction to NCCW: The National Council of Catholic Women was created to provide you with a resource to use in recruiting new parish affiliates and reaching out to groups of Catholic women.  Designed to be printed and placed in a folder; the cover sheet can be affixed to the front. It is suggested that several NCCW Membership Brochures (order from the national office) be placed in the front pocket of the folder.  This concise look at our organization includes NCCW’s mission, structure, history, current programs and an invitation to visit our website and become a part of the Voice of Catholic Women and more.  We hope that this resource proves to be an effective part of your outreach and affiliate recruitment initiatives.

An Introduction to NCCW

Five Ways to be a Better Listener


Team Building Activities

Leadership Training Development (LTD) Program

Training, Developing and Forming Leaders and Disciples:

leadership training 2018 1

leadership training 2018

The LTD Team is here to help YOU!

Need training, don’t know how to recruit members, wondering how you can gain your Spiritual Advisor’s support, or maybe you think your image could be better? The LTD team can assist with these issues and countless others. The team offers one or two day training sessions for your members.  We will ask your members to fill out an anonymous survey and the leadership will answer an inquiry about their group.  These survey tools will assist in customizing your Leadership Training Development sessions to address your challenges, educate and empower your council members and leaders.  Training exercises, group discussions, and handouts are included to enhance your training day.

Based on survey results, the team can select some of the following topics:

Officer Training, Leadership Succession, Job Descriptions, Mentoring, Action Plans, Volunteer Management, Life Cycle of Your Group, Change, Image, Effective Committees, Recruitment, Retention of Members, Clergy Support, Communication Skills, Listening Skills,  Microphone Tricks and Tips. History and Structure of NCCW, Meeting Management Skills, Budget Information  for Treasurers, Formatting Minutes for Secretaries, Making Motions, Agendas, Jazz up your Meetings, Scripting, Time to try Something New, Bylaws, Nominations and Elections, Enthusiasm, Self-Esteem, Creativity Skills, Project Assessments, Vision, Posters and Tri-Fold, Publicity, Presentation Skills, Teambuilding, Facilitate like a Pro, Hints to Involve Participation, Brainstorming, Group Dynamics, Dealing with Difficult People, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Marketing, Commissions, and How to use the Guidance and Resource Manual.

Many times the team will weave several topics into one presentation depending on your input and challenges.

Here are some things to help you plan your event:

Information on Hosting

Host Application Form

LTD Make it Happen Flyer

Opportunity Knocks Advertisement

LTD – Comments from Program Attendees

Sharing a Vision Handout

To purchase a Leadership Commissions CD go to: Leadership Commissions CD

Leadership CD




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