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Looking for Catholic Women Willing to Serve In the Areas of Leadership, Spirituality and Service on the Superior Diocesan Council of Catholic Women


Any ladies 18 years of age or older / Be able to attend 3 meetings a year / Be able to write short articles for a newsletter

Be willing to work with other women / Prior involvement with Council Women helpful, but not mandatory



Provides opportunities to be a Witness to Your Catholic Faith / Allows women to grow in faith, hope and love and become missionary disciples /

Meet awesome women through-out the Diocese of Superior / Form lasting relationships / Make a difference in someone’s life


Pay Scale: God’s Rewards Are Great and His Generosity Cannot Be Outdone!


Description of Specific Areas of Service

Leadership                                                     Spirituality                                       

Help develop leaders                          Reinforces faith and Service to the Church          

Build membership                              Discipleship, Spiritual Growth                        

Maintain a Directory                         Legislative Advocacy                                  




Address the needs of communities/groups

Concerned with issues affecting Family Life:

Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking



Jane Schiszik at or call 715-748-5240

2020 Annual Convention CANCELED

With profound disappointment, we have to CANCEL our 2020 SDCCW Annual Convention due to the uncertainty of conditions surrounding the CoVid-19 pandemic. The SDCCW Board will meet on Tuesday, June 16, with Bishop Powers attending and installing our 2020-2021 officers. Please keep the SDCCW Board in your prayers as we move forward.

Prayers for continued recovery from this pandemic!



Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Why is this such an important day? It gives everyone, young and old the opportunity to do something to help sustain our earth! I encourage everyone reading this to do something to celebrate the day!

  • Go for a walk – smell the freshness of the air
  • Look for signs of spring – new growth of plants, spot some daffodils
  • Pick up one cigarette butt
  • Pick up one plastic bottle
  • Recycle * Reuse * Reduce our use of plastics


God provided us with a beautiful landscape rich in color and life – it was a gift for all of us. Our gift back to Him can be helping care for His beautiful creation!


Jane Schiszik

SDCCW President-elect

THE SDCCW Celebrates NCCW’s 100th Birthday

“Happy 100th Birthday NCCW”

2020 spring bd


At the March 17, 2020, SDCCW Board Meeting in Hayward, Board members celebrated NCCW’s 100th Birthday! It was on March 4,1920, the organization was founded and having a Board Meeting during the month of March provided the perfect opportunity for a birthday celebration.

Just take a moment and envision the women in 1920 meeting for the first time to organize and plan their mission and strategy. Certainly, they were met with different obstacles and different issues, but they did have the support of the U.S. Catholic Bishops. Now step forward 100 years and voila, women in 2020 are still concerned with different obstacles and issues and still have the support of the U.S. Catholic Bishops. What a legacy those founding women have provided for us. While the NCCW has continued to change their focus over these past 100 years, they uphold and continue to live their Mission of Supporting, Empowering and Educating all Catholic women in Spirituality, Leadership and Service. This realization provides the best reason to celebrate this occasion at any level of Council: within your Parish Council of Catholic Women’s groups, at the Deanery and/or Diocesan levels. Plus, it also provides a great incentive for women to come and join the celebration at NCCW’s 100th Anniversary Convention in Washington D.C. August 26-29th, 2020.

Jane Schiszik, SDCCW Pres.-elect