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Continuing Education scholarship



Supporting, Empowering, and Educating All Catholic Women

 in Spirituality, Leadership and Service

Very Reverend James P. Powers, Bishop of Superior

Father Jim Brinkman, Spiritual Advisor

Application for Mary Jane Morancyk Hennessy Continuing Educational Scholarship for Women of the Superior Diocese who are completing their second year of college or those pursing career advancement.

Application must be postmarked by April 30, 2021

Send to:

SDCCW Scholarship Committee

% Mary Werner

W5490 County Road O

Medford, WI 54451

Or email with the subject: SDCCW Scholarship Application to Mary Werner at

Personal Information:

Name: ________________________________________________

Home Address: _________________________________________

Mailing Address: ________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

Phone, Home: ______________________ Cell: ________________

Present Occupation: _________________Full____ Part time______

Name, Address of Employer: _______________________________

Marital Status: ______________ Spouse: ______________________

Number of dependents: _______ Home Parish: __________________

Educational Goals:

What college/university are you attending? ___________________________________

What is your career choice? ______________________________________________

Have you been accepted into the program? __________________________________

What degree will you work toward? _________________________________________

How many years are your required for your career choice? ______________________

Will you be a full or part time student? _______________________________________

When do you hope to complete your studies? ________ Undergraduate____________

Graduate? (If applicable)__________________________________________________

What are your future employment goals? _____________________________________



Name of Colleges attended: _________________________________________


           Did you earn a degree______________ Major______________________

Additional Education_____________________________________________________



Activities and Honors_____________________________________________________



List annual school expenses:

      Tuition and fees                               $__________

       Room and Board                            $__________

       Books and Supplies                        $__________

Approximate Yearly Expense                $ __________

What financial aid do you hope to receive during the next school year?

  1. Name/Amount  ___________________________________
  2. Name/Amount____________________________________
  3. Name/Amount____________________________________

Brief personal essay describing leadership, service and spirituality in your local parish and/or community:



  1. Please have official transcripts from colleges sent to the Scholarship Committee.
  2. Please have letters of recommendation mailed directly to the Scholarship Committee – Minimum of 2
  3. Please attach a recent picture of yourself to your application.
  4. Please send a resume along with application.
  5. Winners of Scholarship must send a copy of their fall school registration to the Scholarship Committee before money is sent to your school.

Admin note – This application in a more condensed form is available by request by email from Mary Werner at the above address

Address Change – NCCW

We Are Moving!!!!!   Happy New Year!!! The national office of the National Council of Catholic Women will be relocating this week. Please update our mailing address: 10335-A Democracy Lane, Unit 201 Fairfax, VA 22030   Our phone number will remain the same, however we will be discontinuing the “800” number.

Diocesan Diaper Drive


Date: December 16, 2020

From:  Office of Respect Life and Office of Christian Formation

To: Priests, Parish Leaders, Respect Life Leaders, DREs, and Schools

Subject: Move the Movement (March for Life 2021) Diaper Drive Contest

Bishop Powers is supporting the Wisconsin Catholic Conference in their sponsorship of Moving the Movement-Madison on January 2, 2021.  The March for Life event will consist of a tour to several cities in the Midwest beginning in Madison, WI and ending with the event in Chicago on January 23, 2021. You can find more details at:

We have been in contact with the organizers of the event and have come up with a way to participate in the event while continuing to protect ourselves and our loved ones during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  The organizers of Move the Movement are hoping to collect 130,094 diapers – one for each child lost to the tragedy of abortion each year in the Midwest.

The Offices of Respect Life and Christian Formation are issuing an exciting challenge to the parish clusters and Catholic schools to collect as many diapers as they can between now and January 19, 2021 with the intent of donating them to your closest Pregnancy Resource Center on or about January 22, 2021. This will be the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the landmark legal decision effectively legalizing abortion throughout the United States.

The Office of Respect Life received a generous grant from the State Council Knights of Columbus, with a portion of the grant money intended for the March for Life DC trip.  But since we are unable to attend the March for Life in DC this year, we want to add to the fun by offering monetary prizes to the Pregnancy Resource Centers whose sponsoring parish cluster or school raises the most diapers.  The prizes will be $300 for first place prizes, and $200 for second place prizes.

Consider involving your local Knights of Columbus!  They are great supporters of both our Catholic Church AND the local pregnancy care centers. (It may also be helpful to ask pregnancy care centers if they have a demand for a particular size of diaper.) 

We hope that you will extend the spirit of giving by joining efforts to encourage support of your local pregnancy resource centers and thanking them for their collaboration as we build a culture of life together. 

Please email us the number of diapers you collect to so we can have our numbers count toward the 130,094 diapers accumulated for Move the Movement. We will need to have the numbers back to us by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 20th

“A pack or two of diapers in any size will make a big difference for new parents and their babies.”


       This January 22 , will be the 48h year that abortion has been legal in the United States. More than 62 million babies have been killed since that date.  Since that decision, physician assisted suicide is legal in 10 states and the morning after pill has been used by over 6 million women and is now available  to be purchased without a doctor’s prescription. We have seen a sharp decline in the birth of Down’s syndrome babies, as many women have chosen abortion instead of life for these precious children. Euthanasia and Infanticide are growing and thriving as we stand by and watch. Late term legal abortions are growing and our tax dollars are paying for them. Please pray this month especially for an end to this destruction of human life.

Christmas Message

Merry Christmas! My hope is that all of you experience the miracle of Christmas every day. Advent is over and the coming of the Messiah has finally occurred.

Imagine how Mary and Joseph felt holding their son for the first time! All their joy, excitement, and wonder! Probably many of those same feelings we have experienced holding a new baby or grandchild.  Just to marvel at God’s creation and hold a new life. To grasp the thought of how one tiny babe can bring such hope and promise to the world.  God is so good!

I hope all of you invite baby Jesus into your life, not just on Christmas, but every day. May your heart be filled with the blessings of faith, hope, and joy.

Jane Schiszik, SDCCW President