Lent is just around the corner! While it would be great to gather and attend a Lenten Retreat, the Spirituality Commission of the Superior Diocesan Council of Catholic Women is offering these suggestions for each of you to still have the ‘Best Lent’ ever!

A. Do Your Own Self-Study Lenten Journey with checking out these web sites:

Offers These Lenten Prayer Resources: The Seven Penitential Psalms and the Songs of the Suffering Servant; Stations of the Cross; A Scriptural Way of the Cross; Lenten Reflections from the Director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development – a Gospel reflection is listed for each week of Lent.

2. Feed Your Soul with Prayer this Lent! Sign up for this year’s Best Lent Ever as you journey through Matthew Kelly’s latest book, I Heard God Laugh: A Practical Guide to Life’s Essential Daily Habit.

3. – this group is partnered with Word on Fire, allowing you to email or text message any of Bishop Barron’s premium content.

4. Free Virtual Catholic Conference 

5. Word on Fire – Bishop Barron has a New Lenten Gospel Reflection – it’s free plus the cost of $5.95 for shipping and handling. The resource is also available online as a daily reflection. 

B. Grab a Book and get reading:

1. Ave Maria Press has several book titles appropriate for a Lenten Journey.

2. Commit to reading the Lenten book your parish makes available.

C. Do some Self Evaluation.

1. Reflect on the Ten Commandments.

2. Reflect on an Examination of Conscience.

D. Take your family members along on your Lenten Journey!

1. Explain the ‘why’ of almsgiving, sacrifices of giving up candy or cookies, why items in Church are covered, what is special about the color purple.

2. Rather than give something ‘up’, do some ‘special thing’ for a parent, sibling, friend, or neighbor.

3. Set aside a time for family prayer.

4. Establish your own prayer intention(s): Maybe your prayer intention is to change the hearts and minds of legislators and elected officials to understand the dignity of all life and end abortion.

5. Attend Stations of the Crossas a family

6. Make a date to go to Reconciliation as family.

E. Put a religious App on your cell phone:

Laudate Catholic App / Liturgy of the Hours App / Pray (The Catholic Novena App) / Relevant Radio App / EWTN App

Whatever you do to prepare for Lent may it help you become more forgiving, more loving and draw you closer to the love Jesus has for you.

Jane Schiszik, SDCCW President

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