Diocesan Diaper Drive


Date: December 16, 2020

From:  Office of Respect Life and Office of Christian Formation

To: Priests, Parish Leaders, Respect Life Leaders, DREs, and Schools

Subject: Move the Movement (March for Life 2021) Diaper Drive Contest

Bishop Powers is supporting the Wisconsin Catholic Conference in their sponsorship of Moving the Movement-Madison on January 2, 2021.  The March for Life event will consist of a tour to several cities in the Midwest beginning in Madison, WI and ending with the event in Chicago on January 23, 2021. You can find more details at: https://marchforlifechicago.org/

We have been in contact with the organizers of the event and have come up with a way to participate in the event while continuing to protect ourselves and our loved ones during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  The organizers of Move the Movement are hoping to collect 130,094 diapers – one for each child lost to the tragedy of abortion each year in the Midwest.

The Offices of Respect Life and Christian Formation are issuing an exciting challenge to the parish clusters and Catholic schools to collect as many diapers as they can between now and January 19, 2021 with the intent of donating them to your closest Pregnancy Resource Center on or about January 22, 2021. This will be the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the landmark legal decision effectively legalizing abortion throughout the United States.

The Office of Respect Life received a generous grant from the State Council Knights of Columbus, with a portion of the grant money intended for the March for Life DC trip.  But since we are unable to attend the March for Life in DC this year, we want to add to the fun by offering monetary prizes to the Pregnancy Resource Centers whose sponsoring parish cluster or school raises the most diapers.  The prizes will be $300 for first place prizes, and $200 for second place prizes.

Consider involving your local Knights of Columbus!  They are great supporters of both our Catholic Church AND the local pregnancy care centers. (It may also be helpful to ask pregnancy care centers if they have a demand for a particular size of diaper.) 

We hope that you will extend the spirit of giving by joining efforts to encourage support of your local pregnancy resource centers and thanking them for their collaboration as we build a culture of life together. 

Please email us the number of diapers you collect to BThom@Catholicdos.org so we can have our numbers count toward the 130,094 diapers accumulated for Move the Movement. We will need to have the numbers back to us by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 20th

“A pack or two of diapers in any size will make a big difference for new parents and their babies.”

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