Ready The Way of The Lord

Dear Sisters in Council,

This past Sunday, November 29th marked the beginning of a new liturgical year and the start of Advent. The time of year when we begin to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

Most have finished Thanksgiving celebrations and skip right into the hustle and bustle of Christmas – more the gift shopping, tree trimming and decorations. Advent comes quietly for some and not so much for others. So, without Advent, how does one prepare for the coming of the Lord?

My hope for all my Council Sisters this year, is to try to make this Advent the best celebration you have ever had, after all, the most important guest is coming! Our celebration does not need fireworks or a parade. All that is required is a preparation of your heart. Every day for the next four weeks, plan to spend some quiet time with the Lord. Make or put out your Advent wreath, pray, receive the Eucharist, and find peace and the Lord’s forgiveness through Reconciliation. While our lives will still be surrounded by Covid-19, political happenings, the need for social isolation and distancing, our hearts can be open to welcome the Lord.

Do you know the size of your heart is about the size of your fist? The heart is an amazing thing – it has its own electrical system, chambers and valves and beats continuously. It sustains our very existence! The heart pumps blood to very part of our body. Every time the heart beats, your body is nourished.

Now imagine, what inward changes could happen this Advent, when you invite the Lord to enter your heart – your body becomes alive with the Holy Spirit! It is like a candle is lit inside you and you are awakened to the love of God. You could be transformed into a light of Christ! How awesome is that! This is a gift you will not find on Amazon or at Walmart.

My prayer for all of you is to have a great beginning for Advent and slowly kindle the flicker of love starting to burn in your heart.

Jane Schiszik, SDCCW President

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