Lord, We Come To Do Your Will


The SDCCW Fall Retreat:

Catholic Women Learn How to Become Missionary Disciples

     Sixty-one women gathered at St. Peter’s Church in Cameron, WI., on Saturday, October 26th to learn how we as Catholic women are called to become missionary disciples of the church. The event was sponsored by the Superior Diocesan Council of Catholic Women and featured Danielle Hendricks. Danielle’s presentations, based on chapter 4 of Ephesians, vs. 11-16, laid the foundation for her presentations. She explained how using the gifts of the Holy Spirit enables us to grow in faith, come to know Jesus more deeply by forming an authentic relationship and friendship with Christ. We as Catholic women need to have a unified voice as Catholic women in our churches and reach out to bring Christ to others in a way that models the example of Christ and the disciples: acceptance, humility, love, and service. She likened the awareness of our relationship with Jesus to the act of “Breathing In,” being filled with His love and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. How we perform those acts, “Breathing Out” is the service and love we share with others. Remembering and loving others, respecting their dignity and self-worth will do much to combat loneliness – one of the greatest poverties in the world today.

     The day was spiritually filled with Reconciliation and Mass celebrated by Spiritual Advisor Fr. Jim Brinkman and concelebrated by Fr. Balaraju Policetty. All joined in praying, A ROSARY FOR LIFE: THE JOYFUL MYSTERIES, developed by the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops).

Jane Schiszik, SDCCW President-elect

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