2017-2018 Calendar

Printable Calendar: Schedule 2017-18

Note: * Indicates board member responsibility.

27 August: Commission Meeting, Bruce, WI

1 September: Diocesan Dues Statements (Treasurer)

6-9 September: NCCW Convention, Dallas TX

25 September: * Diocesan Board Meeting, Saint Mary, Bruce WI

9 October: Newsletter Mailed

25 October: Joint Convention Meeting, Duluth MN

28 October: South Central Deanery meeting, Medford WI

1 November: Pax Christi Mailing

2 December: Advent Retreat, Saint John the Baptist, Webster WI

1 January: Scholarship Mailing

29 January: * Diocesan Board Meeting, Our Lady of the Lakes, Balsam Lake WI

Printable Agenda for the Jan 29 2018 Board Meeting

22 February: Newsletter Mailed

6 March: Province meeting, Plover American Inn

1 April: Scholarship Candidates Chosen, Pax Christi Candidates Chosen and forwarded to Bishop

14 April: South Central Deanery meeting, St. Therese of Lisieux, Phillips WI

21 April: South West Deanery meeting, Our Lady of the Lakes, Balsam Lake WI

21 April: Lacrosse / Green Bay Diocesan Convention

28 April: Milwaukee Diocesan Convention

15 May: Convention Book printed

21 – 22 May: * Diocesan Board Meeting / Joint Convention, Saint Scholastica College, Duluth MN

13 June: Madison Diocesan Convention

10 July: Province meeting, Plover American Inn

4 August: Leadership Training LaCrosse

29 August: NCCW Convention Pittsburgh Pennsylvania



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